Submission Guidelines

The Society invites submission of original articles of academic interest, pertaining to all aspects of the archaeology and history of County Louth, for publication in the Journal.

Submissions for publication consideration may be emailed to the Hon. Editor at Articles should preferably be submitted in Microsoft Word format.

I.H.S. Rules for contributors

All submissions for the journal should be referenced and styled in accordance with the Rules for contributors published in Irish Historical Studies, xxxiii, no. 131 (2003), pp 351–68, available online at
or from the Irish Historical Studies website at

The topics covered by Rules for contributors and the relevant section numbers include

  • Use of footnotes when citing sources (I)
  • Footnote format when citing printed and manuscript sources (II, III)
  • Footnote format when citing oral and online sources (IV)
  • Transcription of source documents and quotations (V, XI – items 56 and 57)
  • Use of Latinisms such as Ibid. or Idem in text or footnotes (VI)
  • Capitals and punctuation (VII)
  • Dates and numerals (VIII)
  • Miscellaneous including monetary values and other measurements (X)
  • Book reviews (XII)

Items specific to IHS publication (most of XI and XIII) should be ignored.

Additional guidelines for the Journal

A maximum length of 7,000 words is suggested for an article. Shorter articles of any length are also welcomed.

All articles should reference any sources used according to the rules above. Articles should not include a bibliography.

References to the Society’s journal should use the title County Louth Archaeological and Historical Journal or the abbreviation C.L.A.H.J. (County Louth Archaeological Journal  or C.L.A.J. for journals published in 1969 or earlier).

The source for any photographs, pictures, maps, charts or other illustrations should be fully referenced and include any copyright permission required.

If referencing an unpaginated digital book or lengthy source (e.g. Kindle book), use any other suitable aid to locating the referenced text (e.g. chapter number) where possible in place of page numbers.

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