Lecture Recordings

Since 2021, the lectures organised by the Society have been recorded and made available through our YouTube channel for long term viewing. The lectures and recordings available to date are listed below.

They may also be accessed directly at https://www.youtube.com/@clahslouth1903/videos.

Dump Arms – How and why the Irish Civil War ended April/May 1923

by Dr Donal Hall

Events leading to and following after the ending of the Civil War in Ireland.

Lecture in Dundalk 20 April 2023

Haynestown – a changing landscape, recent excavations

by Jon Stirland

Details of the major archaeological excavations undertaken at Haynestown in Co. Louth in 2019 and 2020.

Lecture in Dundalk 30 March 2023

The Vikings and County Louth

by Eamonn P. ‘Ned’ Kelly

Viking activity in Louth and the strategic importance of Louth relative to Ireland and Britain.

Lecture online 2 March 2023

Cartography and the Landed Estates of North Louth

by Luke Murphy

Cartography and estate management in North Louth in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Lecture online 22 November 2022

The Life and Times and Demise of Nano Reid (1900-19811)

by Brendan Matthews

The life of Drogheda artist Nano Reid.

Lecture on Drogheda 8 November 2022

What lies beneath? Recent research at Castle Roche, County Louth

by Laura Corrway 

The results of geophysical surveying undertaken at Castle Roche in 2021.

Lecture online 25 October 2022

The Civil War in Louth

by Dr Donal Hall and Lorraine McCann

A double lecture discussing the Civil War in County Louth.

Lecture online 15 June 2022

Castle Roche – History and Architecture

by Micheál McKeown

The history and architecture of Louth’s dramatic Anglo-Norman Castle Roche.

Lecture online 27 April 2022

Tories, Tolls and Rapparees in North Louth

by Don Johnston

The history of the roads between Dundalk and South Armagh.

Lecture online 22 March 2022

Ardee and the Irish Revolution 1912-1923

by Dr Donal Hall

Events in Ardee during the Irish revolutionary period of 1912 to 1923.

Lecture online 8 December 2021

Recent dugout boat discoveries in the River Boyne: New insights to Drogheda’s commercial heritage

by Dr Niall Gregory and Anthony Murphy

Recent dugout boat discoveries in the River Boyne and and the insight they provide into the area’s early commercial activity.

Lecture online 23 November 2021

Cherishing the legacy: Highlights from the collection of the County Museum in Dundalk

by Brian Walsh

The county museum and the highlights of its collection.

Lecture online 15 November 2021


by Séamus Bellew

A short talk about the graveyard and old church at Urney.

Posted August 2021


by Séamus Bellew

A virtual ramble around Castlebellingham and Kilsaran.

Posted July 2021

Watermills on the Flurry River in Ravensdale, Dundalk

by Don Johnston

The history of the Flurry River watermills over the last two hundred years.

Posted May 2021

The Royal Irish Constabulary, Villains or Victims?

by Brendan McAvinue

The history of the Royal Irish Constabulary from 1836 to 1922.

Lecture online 27 April 2021

Barmeath in the 1820s – from Lady Bellew’s letters to her daughter

by Jean Young

An insider’s view of Catholic gentry life in Co. Louth the 1820s.

Lecture online 13 April 2021

Building the Great Northern Railway: Railway Architecture in County Louth

by Siobhan Osgood

An examination of the architecture of the many buildings in Co. Louth associated with the Great Northern Railway.

Lecture online 30 March 2021


by Séamus Bellew

A virtual ramble around Castletown in Co. Louth.

Posted February 2021

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